South East Wrestling – Sat August 20th King Of Summer Rumble

So here we are. After weeks of my shameless plugging on Facebook and Twitter (I would apologise but I’m not really sorry. Social media is one of the best ways to self promote along with word of mouth and the two go hand in hand), the third annual King Of Summer Rumble finally came around. And maaaaan it was a show to remember!

If you’ve read my last show review (found here if you want to recap) you’ll know how this works. I give you not only a match review, but a personal overview on everything that was happening with the crowd, myself and the wrestlers in the ring. All caught up? Everything tickety boo and wonderful? Good, now let me begin…..

My day at the SEW King Of Summer Rumble event started about 3.30pm. Myself, Dan Conroy and Luke (my eldest son) arrived at the Hawkinge Community Centre and saw that others were already here. There were the light and sound guys (whose name escape me, sorry) setting up the, erm, lighting and sound equipment. Coach Turvey was on the scene helping out with the layout of the chairs, fellow Academy students Steven and Nathan (who would be making his pro debut later in the evening as Meathead, more on him later) were helping Coach T. After a quick catch up and usual bantering between us all, Head Coach Matt Huntley appeared and asked us to begin to set up the ring, as the rest of the chairs could be done later on. As if by magic, Jacob, his mother Roz, Luis (aka Will Power, also debuting in the Rumble match later on) and Jon (Jonny D, also more on him too later) all arrived and helped out with the setting up of the ring.

Now usually the ring takes a good 35-45 minutes to erect most weeks. But not today, I timed it at 28 minutes. Many hands made light work! No messing about today, we had a show to set up for! The ring all looked all spick and span especially for the show. The skirts were put on and the new ringpost magnets that had SEW social media links were attached (as pictured here with the dashing Nathan)


Ring assembled, we all went back to putting out the chairs. We had about 85% of the chairs put out when somebody realised that we had too many on one side of the hall. So off we went to rectify our mistake and make sure it the chairs were all equal on all sides of the ring (In all honesty, I think it was me that was putting chairs about haphazardly, sorry folks!) Finally the hall was starting to take shape. The ring and chairs now complete, we could see the bar being set up in one corner alongside the merch table, and the Box Office by the entrance was taking shape too. It was now about 5.30pm and the wrestlers that were also on the card were beginning to arrive. I took this moment to quickly pop out to get some food, so Luke and myself went out into Hawkinge in search of some healthy bites to eat. We returned 30 minutes later with a bunch of bananas, jelly babies and a chocolate bar. After writing that last sentance, I now see why my wife doesn’t let me go shopping by myself….

After filling ourselves up on our glorious bounty, we stood back and watched the talent begin to stretch and warm up for the event. Luke took particular attention as he is always looking at new ways of stretching and keeping fit in general. He’s a healthy dude who obviously doesn’t take after me, as I was shovelling jelly babies into my mouth quicker than Enzo Amore can spit out a put down.

With ring bell fast approaching, the wrestlers, after their warm up, went to the back to discuss how the night would go. Myself, Luke, Ollie, Steve and Jacob stayed in the hall making sure everything else like the entrance ramp, lighting etc, was ok. In actual fact although we were doing that, we spent more time talking about how the night would unfold rather than checking things. Coupled with the fact that I took a few pics while it was quiet…..


And I had to keep an eye out for mine and Dan’s family to arrive, not a lot got done on my part. I did feel guilty so as soon as my wife, Logan and my eldest daughter Christina arrived, I put my arse in gear and did more around the hall. Although I did need a few more pics first. Just a couple as I’ve always wanted my kids to share my enthusiasm for pro wrestling, so I asked them to jump up on the apron just so I could grab a pic or two and make their old man feel awesome. They instantly jumped at the chance and I got the images below. I was one happy father let me tell you (especially as the head lock Logan had on Luke was really tight and made Luke legit grimace! Also I didn’t ask them to throw up a Too Sweet, they did that on their own accord, even prouder moment!)


A quick change into my SEW Academy tee and I was ready to work my ass off…..Except that there wasn’t anything to do. Nothing. Not a sausage. Now I felt even more guilty. But I had a solution. I took it upon myself to video all the matches. From entrances to finishes, I would record them all. A quick chat with Ollie and we decided we’d both record the matches but from different areas of the hall, to get a better and different perspective. With that sorted out, a quick check of the watch and it was 6.30pm….time to open those doors and get the paying public in for a night of amazing wrestling action!

Just a quick break in proceedings to shill some social media bits and bobs. I actually have a page on Facebook totally dedicated to this blog. It’s cunningly called “Diary Of A 30 Something Trainee Wrestler”, and you can find it at this link right here. I’d also like to plug mine and South East Wrestling social media too as I have your undivided attention.  Click the links, have a gander and if you’re feeling particularly nice, maybe gives us a like and a follow too 😉
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I’ll now hand you back over to your regularly scheduled reading material…..

It wasn’t long before the hall began to fill up and the noise of expectation began. Ollie was helping people to their seats while Amy (Matt’s wife) was on the door redeeming and selling tickets at the Box Office. I was entertaining my family and one of my oldest friends Gary, and his son Tyler. giving them the heads up on the nights action. Who was here, who was debuting etc etc. I quickly checked my phone and jumped on Facebook to promote the event one last time when I saw a photo that blew me away.

Remember earlier that I talked about Nathan (Meathead)? That tonight was his pro wrestling debut, along with Luis (Will Power)? Well scrolling down my Facebook I stumbled upon this picture, and my anticipation for the Rumble match went through the roof….


Now I knew Nathan had an idea for how his wrestling persona would look, but I never imagined this! I was getting all kinds of feels seeing this. Much like myself, Nathan has been a fan of pro wrestling for as long as he can remember. He too has always had the dream of setting foot inside the squared circle and having not just a match, but a full and rich career. Seeing this Sting/Crow character with a Taz (single Z as that represents the badass he was in ECW, not the double Z in his WWE days where he was watered down) towel over his head, made me excited to see him when he burst through the curtain. I just couldn’t wait to see him realise his dream in just under half an hour…..

Now don’t forget that this was a night of two debuts from the SEW Academy. Luis was about to see his dream become a reality this evening too, in the guise of his Will Power character…..


Now I could write up a great bio here for Luis, but I won’t. For no other reason than his promo right here (scroll down a bit to find it, trust me, it’s worth it!) speaks more volumes than I could ever write. Luis, like Nathan has been a fan all his life, is passionate about the business and I can see Mr Powers being a staple of SEW for quite some time.

A quick look around the hall and I can only spy a few spare seats, with all the ringside seats sold out in advance. It’s looking like a sell out here tonight!

As I walk over to the Box Office and I see Dan’s wife Nikki, his son Aiden, step-daughter Keira walking in. I run over to tell them that Dan wants us all to sit together in one big group for the night, so when he makes his entrance we all pop for him and that will spread across the rest of the hall and let the fans know who he is. So off we went, back to the “Conroy Section” (only thing missing were signs saying Conroy Section, but I’m sure that can be remedied for the Halloween show). Getting to their seats they see not only my wife and family, Gary and Tyler but Dan’s best friend Finn (no it wasn’t the Balor one. I had a hard time explaining to Logan that there are other Finn’s not just the Demon King kind) and his better half Rachel. It’s worth noting that this was Finn and Rachel’s first night out together for over four years! Now that’s dedication!

All of a sudden, the lights dimmed and went very atmospheric-ly (ssshhh it’s a word) and the MC for the night’s show, Mr Ant Masters proclaimed that the show will start in two minutes! With that, I quickly sat in my seat next to Christina, got my phone ready to video the nights action, and waited patiently for the SEW music to kick in…..

Now I was going to do the show review along with this entry, but so far I’ve only written the Rumble match let alone the others, and if I added it to this post, it would have made it extremely wordy. So much so that it would have bored you which is not what I want to do. I want to inform and entertain you all.

I’m going to post the show review separately within the next few days, so don’t worry, you’ll all still hear how the SEW Academy “Triple Threat” got on. It’ll be worth the wait, I promise.

And I also promise to clear up that little cliffhanger I left you on too. I like to leave little threads to tie up in one big go, makes for great reading.

Hit me up on my Facebook and Twitter if you want to leave nice messages or want a general chat. If you want to leave me nasty messages, hit me up on Snapchat instead (ssshhh I don’t have Snapchat!).

See you all in a few days for the King Of Summer Rumble Review!


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