SEW Future Stars – Dan “The Original” Conroy

Hello fellow readers, and welcome to another edition of my blog. Not just any edition, no no, today I will be focusing on one of the many rising stars from the South East Wrestling Academy, and one of my bestest (honestly it is a word) friends, Dan Conroy.

Dan is a 27 year old man from Ashford in Kent, UK. He is a loving father and husband, who works hard as his job as a delivery driver for a local catering business. But ever since I’ve known him (ten years next year), just like myself, he’s wanted to break into the wrestling scene.

Before we met, he had some training experience with NWA Hammerlock. They used to train in a local church and Dan went along every Saturday morning. Training with such names as Jimmy Havoc (huge name in the UK scene right now) and Zack Sabre Jr (if I have to explain this guy to you, then we’re not friends anymore!) before they hit the big time, whetted Dan’s appetite even further.

But with the school not attracting enough clientele, NWA Hammerlock closed it’s training doors and Dan’s chances of training and possibly more went with them.

Fast forward eleven years, and not only is Dan training with one of the fastest growing wrestling school’s in the county, but he has also lived his dream of actually competing in the squared circle. Today, Dan talks to me about his past, present and future in preparation for his next event on October 29th.

That event is South East Wrestling’s Halloween Spooktacular, held at the Hawkinge Community Centre in just a few weeks.


And as you can see from the above image, it was announced earlier today that Conroy will be facing off against an old foe, Matt “Crusher” Lomaxx.

So in preparation for his bout, I put my sensible (yes I can be when the situation arises) reporters hat on and asked Dan a few questions while he was working out at his local gym earlier today……

Interview With The Original, Dan Conroy

W – Afternoon Dan, now I know the answers to my questions but my loyal readership probably won’t. So thanks for taking time out from your busy schedule to talk to me. Now lets start with THE question…..What made you go into pro wrestling?

D – Having been a fan of pro wrestling from a very young age, I always had the dream of one day entering the squared circle myself to find out what it was all about. Everything from promos to high flying moves, I wanted to experience it all. Every kid has a dream and that was mine and always has been.

W – You said that you have been a fan from a young age. How old have you been watching pro wrestling?

D – I have been watching wrestling for as long as I can remember. My earliest memory is watching Summerslam 92 on VHS. Macho Man Randy Savage and The Undertaker being my favourites without a doubt and still are to this day.

W – As I alluded to in my intro for this piece, I stated that you have been training for quite a while. Roughly how long and where?

D – I first started training at the NWA Hammerlock training school when it was based in Ashford in 2006. It was every Saturday between 12-4. I trained there for 18 months before the school stopped running and that was when my dream took a hit. Fast forward 8 years and South East Wrestling was formed in Hawkinge. Training started in May of this year and I’ve not looked back since.


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I’ll now hand you back over to your regularly scheduled reading material…..

W – I spoke earlier about how you also have a tough day job. How do you balance your work, home and wrestling life?

D – I’ve worked out a great balance between all three. I start early mornings Monday to Friday so I’m home from work around lunchtime. This allows me to go to the gym for an hour or so each day and then being home for when my wife finishes work. Saturday is family day and a rest day from the gym. Sunday is wrestling training day from 8-12. I try and keep myself in a routine and disciplined where I can, there are obvious interruptions that can’t be helped but I have a wife who supports me so much despite her not being a wrestling fan.

W – For the uninitiated, could you tell the readers about your debut match? Your feelings of the entire day, your opponent, the result of the match.

D – I debuted on Sunday 17th July at the Hawkinge Community Centre against Eddie Ryan. It was for a fun day the centre were putting on that day so we managed to pull in a crowd of 100+ people. I lost that match unfortunately but words can’t describe how emotional it was for me. The adrenaline rush was insane. After the match was a bit of a blur trying to register in my head what I had accomplished, after 2 years of training I had finally had a match.

W – One last question before we wrap this up. Do you have any words of advice for anyone reading this and thinking of getting into the business?

D – I would say if your dream is to be a professional wrestler then go for it. You need to be aware it’s hard work and takes a lot out of you, but as I’ve learnt if you stay disciplined with your nutrition, gym work and in ring training you can achieve anything you put your mind too.

W – Many thanks Dan. I hope all goes well for you and South East Wrestling on October 29th.

So there we are, mine and his first ever interview. We both wanted to keep it short and sweet, leave the fans wanting more as the saying goes  😉

If you liked today’s different style of blog, let me know. Twitter, Facebook, leave a comment here, I’m easily available. I have a few other interviewees I have in mind I’d like to interview but I wanted to see how this goes down with my loyal, faithful readers first before asking them.

Anyway, that’s enough of me today. As always, I appreciate all comments (well the nice comments anyway) and I hope to see you all back here soon!


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