January 8th – First In-Ring Training Of 2017


Ok I hurt. I hurt and ache in places that I didn’t know exist! You see if you read my last entry you’ll remember that I did a Seth Rollins (circa 2015) and “bought in” to the “New Year New Me” saying. Well looks like Head Coach Matt had bought in too! That was one tough session, but so damn rewarding! Some new and some old faces were there and a huge announcement all made for one hell of a session. And I’ll tell you all about it right here from the comfort of my living room!

So as is my usual routine, myself and Lola (my car before people think I have a mysterious mistress with a cool name) picked Dan C up from his house and made our way to Hawkinge in some really thick foggy conditions. Headlights on, foot down, and we’re racing to training at quite a speed. So much so, that we arrived 10 minutes early. So we did what all aspiring and eager wrestlers do, and stayed in the car to keep warm. (We didn’t actually know that the centre was open otherwise we would have started to set the ring up, honest Coach!)

As we were sat in the car playing “Eye Spy”, we noticed a few new faces milling about around us, and it wasn’t until Luke H arrived and went over to say hello, that we found out that the new faces were Rhys and Matt. They had heard about the school and wanted to give it a go, and see how they got on. It wouldn’t be long until that maybe they had bitten off more than they could chew…..

So as always the morning started with the building of the ring. This time was different as it had been about three weeks since we had all seen each other so as we were setting the ring up, we were all chatting amongst ourselves catching up and talking about Xmas and New Years.

Surprisingly the ring was built in around twenty minutes, which is super quick for us. It helped that I didn’t do a lot of the building, just the fetching and carrying. The lads and lasses will tell you that I’m about as helpful as a chocolate fireguard! 🙂

With the ring up and ready for action, Head Coach Matt welcomed Rhys and Matt to the group and also introduced us to his nephew Michael, who was over from Australia. I’ll say this right now, but I think wrestling is in Michael’s genes as he picked things up super quick and by the end of the session, didn’t look out of place with the rest of the class.

With the introductions and catch up’s done, it was time to warm up. Just a nice gentle warm up, which surprised me as I was expecting HC Matt to come down hard on us as we’ve had no training for so long, and probably gorged ourselves over the Xmas period. So after the warm up, I have to say I was feeling smug. Like I had gotten away with not being found out…..Well that was about to change BIG style over the next twenty minutes or so!

HC Matt grabbed the white board and introduced me and the rest of the class to his new idea…..cardio circuit training. I’m sure I heard a collective moan ring around the hall but it may just have been me internalizing my regret at those extra mince pies/Xmas pud/general gorging over Xmas.

So HC Matt had written on the board five activities for us all to do. It was timed and ideally we would be getting better times over the four week period. So here’s the activities….

Jumping Jacks – x25

Crunches – x20

Squats – x25

Press Ups – x20

Burpees – x25

Not bad really when you look at it and think about it huh? Well how about you do them all THREE times!

That internal groan of mine turned into non stop sobbing! But luckily everyone in the class helped everyone else, pushed each other along with words of encouragement (many that can’t be repeated here) to make it across that imaginary finish line.

I can’t speak for anyone else but MAN I needed those words and occasional threats to my wellbeing to finish. I honestly think I’ll still be there in my own little corner doing burpees right now if it wasn’t for the amazing team spirit we have.

My time? I honestly can’t remember, but I do know I finished five seconds before Senior Referee Dan Hall. I’ll ask him his time when I can summon up the courage to ask him 🙂 After nearly passing out/throwing up, I made for the nearest exit and sucked in as much fresh air as I could while chatting away to fellow trainee Jacob. We both decided that it was a harsh but necessary exercise, we just wished we had some prior notice so we could have been in a bit better shape!

Just a quick break in proceedings to shill some social media bits and bobs. I actually have a page on Facebook totally dedicated to this blog. It’s cunningly called “Diary Of A 30 Something Trainee Wrestler”, and you can find it at this link right here. I’d also like to plug mine and South East Wrestling social media too as I have your undivided attention.  Click the links, have a gander and if you’re feeling particularly nice, maybe gives us a like and a follow too 😉

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I’ll now hand you back over to your regularly scheduled reading material…..

HC Matt graciously gave us five minutes to recover before some in-ring training took place. The usual routine of forward and backward rolls, bear crawls and bumping took place. And as usual I had to step out 😦 Which wasn’t really a bad thing as it gave me a few more minutes to recover from that cardio exercise (or devil session as I have now since dubbed it).

After the in-ring session was finished, HC Matt began a quick crash course on how to perform a monkey flip. Now for those of you that aren’t sure what that is, have a gander at the gif below and it’ll show you much better than I can explain (plus you’ll see one of the best in the world right now, Cesaro, show you how it should be taken).

Cool right!?! So after Matt had shown the class, everyone paired off and practised in and out of the ring. Below is a picture I’m pretty proud of as I catch Justin B flipping Luke K in mid flight….(and SEW management seemed to think so and used it in their promo pictures!)


After everyone had practised it was time to do it in the ring. HC Matt had asked me to set up his iPhone on video to catch the action. So I took it upon myself to not only do that, but to add a bit of commentary to the proceedings. Just things like their character names, what they were trying/about to do, who was a heel/face in that situation. I loved doing it and I hoped that on playback, everyone else would too. It’s not often I get to practise my talking skills (my wife and family may disagree) so I saw this as chance to speak a bit more and add another possible string to my bow. Luckily everyone (haven’t spoken to HC Matt yet so can’t speak for him) liked my commentary. Unfortunately I can’t upload the any of the videos here, if in the near future I can I’ll let you all know, promise! Even though you can’t see the videos, let me tell you that the boys did good and nailed the move.

With that move licked, Matt now introduced us into using the monkey flipping a match situation. Rather than letting go of your opponents hands during the flip, this time you still linked fingers after the flip. With both sets of shoulders on the mat the referee will count, but both men/women would use their neck strength and raise off the canvas at the same time still fingers/hands linked. Got me so far?

Both wrestlers would then roll to the right, stand up together and the heel would then use his feet to break the hold, spin into a top wristlock and bend his opponent back onto the mat. His opponent not wanting to be pinned, would rest his head on the mat, using the neck strength I spoke about before.

If performed right it looked super cool, and believe it or not, every single one of them did it exactly as Matt asked. From an outsiders point of view (I wasn’t performing it so I was an outsider) it was great that after having three weeks off, with the new faces, the “devil session” and all….we picked up where we left off. Like nothing had changed at all. That to me bodes well for the future, which I’ll get to at the end of this blog…..

As soon as we knew it, it was 11.45am and time to pack up the ring. Again, I know my role (How you doing Rock?!) and did my fair share of the fetching and carrying. Twenty minutes later the ring was taken down and we were getting changed back into our civvies. But before we left, Matt wanted a word about the show at the end of this month, Light The Fuse…..

He called us together in a huddle and explained who was going to be in the show,who was matching up with who, what surprises there will be etc. Now obviously I can’t and won’t go into too much detail, but the one thing that had us all psyched the most and has now gone public, is that for the first time, a Money In The Bank ladder match will be held to determine the new number one contender for the SEW Heavyweight Championship! I’m not kidding, you could hear the gasp and buzz of excitement from everyone around. It really was the icing on the cake on a brilliant morning’s session.

On the drive back home it’s all myself and Dan C were talking about. The possibilities of how a match like a MITB could survive in a family friendly show, the in’s and outs of the whole evening, who would and could be called up from the training academy onto the main roster. We even fantasy booked the nights events 🙂 We were looking forward to the show before the announcement, we were now chomping at the bit of it now!

Now, if you excuse me, I have some commentary practise to do and some SEW management to impress 😉

See you all next week!



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