January 14th – Two Sessions Before “Light The Fuse”

Afternoon all! Look at me! Posting in the afternoon rather than late in the day, usually night, which has been my MO recently.And it’s a day early too! Barry Horrowitz pat on the back for me there (Google him 🙂 ) Told you all it was a new start for me and this blog! 🙂

Anyway, now you’ve hopefully recovered from the shock of seeing this so early on a Friday afternoon, I’ll let you know about the real reason why you clicked the link, last weeks training session…..

You all know the drill by now. Dan C or myself drive up to Hawkinge Community Centre, talk about our love of professional wrestling, psyche ourselves up for the morning ahead, take bets on where Ollie would be reading this weeks edition of my blog….You know, the usual banter.

Arriving at the Centre, we were greeted with an empty car park. After feeling guilty last week for not taking the initiative and getting inside and begin to build the ring, we both decided that we’d make the effort this week. So off we went.

Little did we know that the cupboard where the ring and equipment was kept was actually locked. Dammit. So we did the next best thing, and opened the side doors of the hall so others parking up wouldn’t have to walk all the way around the centre to get in. Myself and Dan C are generous to a fault!

Soon enough others began to arrive (through those side doors I might add) and eventually the key was found to the cupboard and we were underway building the ring. We didn’t take any prisoners, and were speeding through the process, although I think the fact that it was minus 2 outside and those side doors were still open may have helped speed us up!

We were doing so well….and then I got involved. Yup, Mr Lurk In The Background And Do The Carrying actually helped build the ring, and we lost ten minutes. I would like this chance to apologise to the guys and girls for the “slight” delay that I caused. I was feeling guilty that I don’t help with the building and thought I’d help this week.

Everything was fine, I was attaching the ropes to the corner posts with Jacob when I dropped a simple nut. You know, a nut that belongs to a bolt? Well I dropped this nut and it disappeared under the ring. Those ten minutes were spent trying to find the aforementioned nut which had mysteriously vanished! Everybody looked for it. Under the ring, over the other side, even behind the lovely warm radiators, but no joy. Then out of the blue Jacob found the nut by the bottom of the ringpost that I was trying to attach the corner turnbuckle too (I think that he was ribbing me to be honest!)

Still, after that mystery was solved we all cracked on and finished building the ring. Well we tried but Senior Referee Dan H decided to break one of our screwdrivers used to tighten the ropes. Again work was halted while I (trying to regain some good faith) fixed the screwdriver . Eventually after a few more minutes, the ring was up and we were ready to warm up!

Halfway through the warm up, which took place inside the ring (first time for me inside the ring this year. Man I wanted to run those ropes BAD!), I thought to myself that this was a rather gentle warm up this week. Maybe Head Coach Matt is going easy on us…..WRONG!

The gentle warm up finished, we were then treated to a little bit of an assault course for the cardio part of training. Now last week I slightly complained (and if you listen to others, over-exaggerated) about the circuit training that we completed. Can’t remember? Click here for last weeks blog for a refresher. Bearing in mind that last week was a tough “devil drill”, this week was to me, like an SAS selection process routine!

We had to run 20 laps around the ring which doesn’t sound harsh at all. Interspersed with some one foot hurdles we had to double foot jump over, a mat to do a forward roll, sidestep quickly through some cones and tip toe over a rope ladder’s rungs on the floor. Now at this point I’d like to add that I had the onset of man flu (Honest I did! I’m wrapped up in four layers of clothing and a quilt as I type this!) and my lungs were the size of a mouse. Running anywhere was a struggle, let alone 20 laps at pretty much full speed.

I think I lasted 14-15 laps before I had to bow out and go outside through those side doors and suck up as much fresh air as I could, while taking copious amounts of my asthma inhaler! I’m pretty sure that if I wasn’t feeling under the weather I would have kicked that drill’s ass. My cardio will improve, that I’m 100% sure of.

Just a quick break in proceedings to shill some social media bits and bobs. I actually have a page on Facebook totally dedicated to this blog. It’s cunningly called “Diary Of A 30 Something Trainee Wrestler”, and you can find it at this link right here. I’d also like to plug mine and South East Wrestling social media too as I have your undivided attention.  Click the links, have a gander and if you’re feeling particularly nice, maybe gives us a like and a follow too 😉

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I’ll now hand you back over to your regularly scheduled reading material…..

With everyone warmed up, cardio training completed, and myself standing upright after nearly flaking out, H/C Matt begun the days class. First up would be the cross body block spot. Again, a picture is a thousand words, so below is a cross body from the ropes. The only difference is we practised it without the punches that Dean threw here…..

So this is how H/C Matt explained how the spot would work…..Both men would lock up. Opponent One would put Opponent Two into a waistlock and take him down to the canvas. Upon hitting the mat, Opponent Two would spin onto his butt, stand up, break the lock and quickly snapmere Opponent One over his shoulder and into a chinlock. One, not to be outdone, would also stand up but this time use a cheap escape like stamping on the other person’s foot, run the ropes and hit the cross body block, just like Dean Ambrose did above…..And who says I don’t teach you new things! 🙂

I went ringside, set up the camera and began filming (with my always awesome commentary I might add) the lads do the spot. Also took some snaps of them in action and hopefully making my description sound at least half right….

KODAK Digital Still CameraKODAK Digital Still Camera100_0198.JPG

The boys did a great job as always and apart from a little hiccup of Senior Referee Dan H banging up his knee slightly, the drill went smoothly.

With that spot now fresh in the memory, H/C Matt changed things up a bit and reintroduce a routine from last week….the Monkey Flip. It was exactly the same spot as last week, so here’s what I wrote as a little recap for you all, followed by some pics which shows just how much better everyone looked in just one week…..

With that move licked, Matt now introduced us into using the monkey flipping a match situation. Rather than letting go of your opponents hands during the flip, this time you still linked fingers after the flip. With both sets of shoulders on the mat the referee will count, but both men/women would use their neck strength and raise off the canvas at the same time still fingers/hands linked. Got me so far?

Both wrestlers would then roll to the right, stand up together and the heel would then use his feet to break the hold, spin into a top wristlock and bend his opponent back onto the mat. His opponent not wanting to be pinned, would rest his head on the mat, using the neck strength I spoke about before.

H/C Matt and Luke H performing the Hammerlock bridge in the ring….


Dan C and Luke K showing how a Greco-Roman Knuckle Lock should look like….


Luis L putting Jacob L through his paces and bridging him back….


Justin B putting in some character work on new pupil Matt….

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Jacob L giving some retribution to Luis L….

KODAK Digital Still Camera

After some hard work both in and out of the ring (and some more brilliant commentary that may never live to see the light of day 😦 ) H/C Matt had seen enough and paired people off to run through a match scenario, and then perform that scenario in the ring. A few moments later Nathan H (MeatHead) and Luke H (Chris Castle) paired off, Luke B (I have dubbed him “The Man Mountain” Justin in my commentary) versus Luis L (Will Powers), Dan H (One Fan Dan) and Ollie S (Two Tone Revilo) would square off against Luke K (Luke Vega), Jacob L (Dean Hunter) and new rookie Matt (as this was only his second lesson, he hadn’t actually thought of a character yet) in a 2 on 3 handicap tag match, and H/C Matt (Van Wicked) would face Dan C (“The Original” Conroy).

Apparently during the Xmas break, I had acquired another talent to my management portfolio the Ska Bully, Two Tone Revilo. Nice to see that my talents are being noticed 😉 Anyway, I was their equalizer in they’re handicap match. While the boys were putting together the match (was great seeing Matt get involved too, after all it’s only his second lesson) I went around and took a few snaps of everyone deep in their match preparations….




KODAK Digital Still Camera

Everyone’s matches went really well, some very good showings indeed. All the matches were between 5-8 minutes a match as there wasn’t much time left before we had to take apart and pack the ring away. I just want to touch on two matches very quickly….

Luke Vega/Dean Hunter/ Matt The Rookie vs No Fans Needed (One Fan Dan/Two Tone Revilo) w/ “Smart” Mark Blake

Yup! I’ve officially announced my manager persona. More about him in the coming weeks! Now this match…..I won’t write a match commentary, I just want to talk about the finish. You see I wasn’t sure if going down the comedy wrestling route would be good for me and my persona, so I told NFN that this would be the last comedy style match I’ll take part in. Now the finish was this….

Matt The Rookie was laid out at ringside, Two Tone delivered a big boot to Dean Hunter, sending him flying off the apron to the floor, quickly following him to deliver some more pain, while the referee followed to break it up. Meanwhile One Fan Dan had Luke Vega in a waist lock in the middle of the ring and asked for my help. I delved into my pockets and pulled out a mini Nerf gun, aimed and fired at Vega, thinking it would knock him out and score us a much needed victory. But as I was in a comedy role, it didn’t go to plan at all. Just as I fired, Vega broke the waist lock and moved out of the way. The “bullet” hit the person I’m representing,  One Fan Dan, who didn’t take too kindly to being shot at. Quickly admonishing me, he turns around into Luke Vega’s devastating Bull Hammer finsher……1, 2, 3…..ding ding ding.

The silly skit went down well, which was the aim (pun intended), and the match was as solid as it was planned. Good work all round lads! I’ve gotta say, I do enjoy performing the comedy. Much like my wrestling manager idol, Bobby “The Brain” Heenan, he could go from scathingly cruel and nasty, to silly and wacky in a second. I hope I can be half as good as that man ever was. Practise makes perfect and I have a few months to do that.

Van Wicked vs “The Original” Conroy

Now this match didn’t happen for two reasons. One – We simply ran out of time in the hall and Two – They never planned to have a match at all. They were running through a match scenario for this…..


A teacher versus student scenario in one weeks time at SEW – Light The Fuse. And just to add a bit more spice to the match, it’s also a qualifying match for the Money In The Bank Ladder Match later on that same evening! Storyline wise this has so much potential and a match I’m really looking forward to.

And with that, we took the ring down, put it away and went our merry ways until next Sunday.

Bit of a long one this week, sorry folks. I’m hoping that the pics softened the reading for you all. With so much happening at this busy time of year at the Academy it’s hard not to tell you all as much as I can. Next week should be a bit shorter, especially the descriptions, as I hopefully will be posting videos of the day’s sessions. Just spots and drills, and maybe some silly stuff if I catch it.

I’ll also go into more detail about my manager persona, “Smart” Mark Blake, which I’m super pumped about. Been holding onto this info for quite a few weeks now and just want to tell the world, but I can wait another week 😉

So I will bid you all adieu, and see you all next week for more news of grown men practising to throw each other around in a wrestling ring. And I know you all love it! Byeeee!

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