Show Review – SEW Presents: Light the Fuse 2017

Well hellooooo one and all to a special kind of blog. Yup, it’s time for a show review! It’s been a while since I wrote one of these (five months to be exact) and that’s my excuse for being slightly, ever so slightly late with my blog. Well that and my little dude Logan being hospitalised for four days too. He’s ok now though, he’s a trooper just like his old man!

Anyway, enough of the excuses, lets crack on with the review! As always I’ll give you an insight into how the mood was not only at the event but how the wrestlers felt too.Yup, I’m letting you “Peek Behind The Curtain” again (Oooooo now that’s a feature. Hmmm must remember that for later…..). Along with a small review of each match, how it was received by the crowd etc etc. You all know the drill, so let’s get to it…..

South East Wrestling Presents – Light The Fuse 2017
Hawkinge Community Centre

Hawkinge, Kent

I remember the scene very well. It was 17.35, just under an hour before the doors open to let in the baying crowds. And I’m stood along with Chris Castle, Van Wicked, Eddie Ryan, MeatHead and others holding a 30ft ladder as still as we possibly could while the light and sound guy shimmies up it to take down some rope that’s attached across the lights suspended above the hall. Oh….and it’s only us holding the ladder. It’s not set against a wall or anything. Just us lot holding the ladder vertical while this complete mentalist climbs it TWICE!!! Yes, twice as he went to the other side of the hall to untie and bring down said rope. Seriously, this guy had bigger balls than Uncle Vince’s famous grapefruits!

I’m mentioning this as it set the tone for the nights events. The number one contendership for the South East Wrestling Heavyweight Championship was contested in a triple threat ladder match. A match that I kid you not, had the entire 300+ people in awe! The ladder match would have three qualifying matches to determine its participants. In the weeks running up to the event, SEW officials released the competitors via it’s Facebook and Twitter pages (details can be found below). Along with the SEW title being defended by Eddie Ryan against British wrestling legend Doug Williams, the show was stacked from top to bottom. You see Light The Fuse wasn’t any old event, nope, it was setting the stage for the next 12 months of South East Wrestling. Debuts were made, storylines were put in place, and feuds were made. Yup, Light The Fuse was a landmark event in SEW history.

Match One – MITB Qualifying Match RJ Singh vs Will Powers

The first match of the night had SEW’s own Superman Will Powers take on a returning RJ Singh in the first qualifying match of the evening. Now RJ Singh is a guy I hold very dear to my heart. I’ve first saw RJ about 10 years ago while he was wrestling for FWA, in a match that was shown on The Wrestling Channel (a short lived but much loved satellite channel). He was known as Ross Jordan back then but he took my eye and I’ve looked out for him since then. I’ve only ever seen his matches online before so seeing his match and himself in person was a legit mark out moment for me. He’s also one of the voices for Progress Wrestling, commentating at many of their events (or chapters), and as I like to try my hand at commentating too (ask the SEW Academy pupils) I wanted to REALLY meet him.

I’d like to say that meeting RJ and chatting to him was so so good. The guy is so chilled, funny and approachable. Definitely a good guy on the circuit. He’s such a great guy that he even posed with Will at the meet and greet with Logan as he knew he wasn’t that great…..

Anyway, enough of my gushing, let’s get into the match. RJ entered the hall first and cut a great heel promo about the locality of Hawkinge and how the last time he was there, he was chased out of the building by the hordes of local children and it won’t be happening this time when he holds the briefcase that contains the number one contendership.


Will came out to cheers as he made his way to the ring to put RJ in his place and take his rightful place in the Money In The Bank Ladder match later that evening.


The match itself was a great way to start the evening. With RJ admonishing the crowd on numerous occasions (including telling the son of one of SEW’s Academy pupils to hush), using dubiously heel tactics and Will standing up for the crowd, it all contributed to a good contest.

The finish came when RJ had quite enough of Senior Referee Dan Hall, and pushed his luck by actually laying his hands on him and pushing him backwards. Not one to back down, Senior Referee Hall pushed back…..just as Will Powers was kneeling to get back up behind Singh, knocking RJ over into a pinning position. Powers quickly took advantage and picked up a fantastic victory over the veteran RJ Singh and moved onto the ladder match later that night.


Match Two – MITB Qualifying Match Chris Castle vs MeatHead

The second match of the night was between the debuting Chris Castle and the demonic MeatHead.

MeatHead came out to be met with an abundance of boos from the crowd. For those that were new to SEW there was no doubt that MeatHead was the man to be booed in this match. Not that it mattered to him a jot. He looked focused and determined on the task at hand.

MeatHeadEnt.jpgChris is another member of the very productive South East Wrestling Training Academy, and someone who was well due a debut. Now I know I’m biased when an Academy member is on the card. I’m loud and make sure that the crowd know that he or she is one of our own. But I was blown out of the water by Chris’s family that were in attendance! Man could they cheer! They brought props (Castle Section signs and gold hats) to go along with their loud voices. It was so good seeing a section of the crowd really back one of their own (and also gave me a chance to rest my voice for a bit at least!).


The match was a tale of two different styles. Chris is a very technical wrestler, looking to wear down his opponent, while MeatHead is a brawler at heart……and it was MeatHead that took the victory and a place in that MITB Ladder match later on.

As Chris went for his High Castle finisher for the second time, MeatHead slyly raked the eyes of Castle without the referee seeing. After letting go of MeatHead, Chris walked straight into the Bridge Of Darkness, MeatHead’s submission finisher and tapped out as seen below…..


Match Three – “The Original” Conroy vs Van Wicked

The matches kept on coming quick and fast. This one was of particular interest to myself as the Academy pupils were treated to a preview of this match the week before at training, and that looked great, all five minutes of it. This time it would last at least double that and had me salivating. Coupled with the fact that the back story to this was an old fashioned teacher vs student. A tale as old as time and one that will still work a 100 years from now. And I, along with the crowd weren’t disappointed! It was a great story and a great match!

Conroy came out first to his usual rapturous ovation. The crowd chanting and singing along to his theme tune as he found time to high five the young fans at ringside.


Van Wicked made his way to the ring in much the same way, to loud cheers and high fives.



A quick handshake as the pair circled the ring and the match began at a break neck speed. Arm drag city was the focus point of the first few moments of the match as Conroy was throwing around Van Wicked like a rag doll. And as the beginning of the match wore on, it looked liked Conroy had the upper hand over his mentor…..until the gloves came off and Van Wicked targeted Conroy’s knee. A vicious and prolonged assault on the knee of Conroy was the name of the game for the most part of the match as Van Wicked chop blocked, kicked and stomped away on the now suspect knee of Conroy.


Eventually, Conroy dug deep and not only got back into the match but found the win when he hit his patented Conroy Cutter outta nowhere!! Into the MITB Ladder match goes Conroy!

After the match had finished and the dust had settled, Conroy offered his hand to his teacher Van Wicked, who at first refused, still smarting from being defeated by his student. But relented after being swayed by the crowd and not only shook Conroy’s hand but raised it for the crowd, giving them (and myself) the happy ending we wanted.

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I’ll now hand you back over to your regularly scheduled reading material…..

After that match there was a 15 minute intermission for us fans to calm down, catch our breath, and grab those all important raffle tickets! And I can assure everyone that’s reading this and actually attended the show that no, there is no fix with the raffle. I’ve spoken to SEW officials and they are just as bemused as you all as to how that guy (his name escapes me but he’s an awesome dude) keeps winning the bloody raffle! I think that’s his third raffle win in 4 events. With luck like his I’d stop playing the raffle and get some lottery tickets! 🙂

Match Four – Money In The Bank Ladder Match – Will Powers vs MeatHead vs “The Original” Conroy

Now if you’re American, this was your co main event of the evening…..if you’re not then this was the MITB Ladder Match for the number one contendership for the SEW Heavyweight Championship!

All three participants made their way to the ring looking a bit worse for wear after already competing once, but still looking determined to grab that briefcase suspended above the ring.


That picture above? You all have no idea how proud that makes me feel. All three of them have come through the South East Wrestling Academy to showcase their talents in a ladder match, after only nine months of training. All three, according to some I’ve spoken to after the event finished, stole the show with that match. And all three, I’m proud to say, are friends of mine. One day I’ll be sharing that ring with them, I promise you, but now let’s focus on this match and who walked away the victor.

Remember how I started this review? The story about that mental light and sound guy? Well it seems that all three of them (MeatHead more so, as the guy literally has no fear) used him as an inspiration for some of their spots in this match. Now I’m not going to recite them verbatim, it’s just too difficult to do. So what I’ll do is post some of the pictures from the match (taken by the supremely talented Oli Sandler at The Ringside Perspective, seriously, I’m sure the guy could make me look half handsome given half the chance 🙂 ) and give you a bit of insight to each photo.

The match itself was amazing. Bearing in mind as I said they have only been training for nine months, the story told and the match wrestled was outstanding!


The match started with all three going after one another, usual standard triple threat fare. that all changed when MeatHead went under the ring and to the oooos and ahhhhs of the crowd, found the first ladder of the night. As he tried sliding it into the ring, he was met with a double dropkick into his ladder, thrusting him back outside!


With the ladder now in play, everyone was fair game. Each and every one of them used the ladder to the best of their abilities. Here, MeatHead is shown being thrown from the ladder after it’s been pushed by Will Powers as Meat made an attempt to grab the case.


Not to be outdone, MeatHead senses an opportunity to take both his opponents out in one fell swoop…..literally! This shot shows him performing a diving plancha over the top rope onto Conroy and Powers!

ladder throw.jpg

Getting their own back a little later into the match, both Powers and Conroy throw the ladder onto MeatHead!


With both his competitors fighting to grab the briefcase, MeatHead dropkicks the ladder, sending Will and Conroy flying! It has to be said, at this point the crowd are into this match big time. They are completely invested in what all three are doing and immersed in the action.

ladder topple2.jpg

Conroy’s time for revenge now as he sends MeatHead sprawling outside as the crowd look on in awe. Honest, take a closer look at the crowd…..

moonsault ladder.jpg

MeatHead again putting his body on the line as he performs a moonsault from the second rope onto a ladder prone Conroy.

tower of doom.jpg

One of my favourite moments of the match, and of any triple threat….the good old Tower of Doom spot!


With the match racing at break neck speed, no body saw this happening. With Conroy within inches of unclasping the suspended briefcase and winning the match, his friend, his mentor Van Wicked came rushing down to the ring and pushed Conroy from the ladder, picked him up and then delivered a Conroy Cutter of his own, laying “The Original” out for the count! Van Wicked had turned not only on Conroy but the entire SEW crowd!

power couple.jpg

And not content on turning on his pupil, he aligned himself with Will Powers and helps him to win the MITB Ladder match and become the number one contender to the South East Wrestling Heavyweight Championship! Above you see the “South East Superman” telling the crowd why he and the new moniker Mr Wicked, have turned their respective backs on the SEW faithful. A night of shocks and surprises that will be felt in South East Wrestling for some time to come!

Match Five – South East Wrestling Heavyweight Championship Match – Doug Williams vs Eddie Ryan (c)

When the crowd (and myself) had calmed down, it was time for the main event, the championship match. They had a lot to do to up the last match, but in my opinion, bah gawd did they do it. While the triple threat was non stop, adrenaline infused action, this match was a technical wrestling fans dream come true (yes, I’m talking about me!)

The legend that is Doug Williams came to the ring to a respectful ovation. A regular on SEW shows, the crowd know and respect the man for what he has done for not only South East Wrestling but spreading the word of British wrestling around the world.


Soon followed by the SEW Heavyweight Champion, Eddie Ryan


The match before started fast and pretty much stayed that way through the match, this match was a catch as catch can start. Simply put, a case of one up manship through technical holds and submissions. Seeing both men put each other in holds, then counter out, to be countered again was a sight to behold. I was whooping and cheering like I was at a Bieber/Little Mix/Shawn Mendes gig (see, I know popular music 😉 )

Halfway through the match broke down when Doug realised that Eddie could match him step for step, and resorted to a few punches and kicks to regain the upper hand.

doug butt.jpg

With Doug firmly in control, it looked like everything was going his way. He was on top and Eddie looked like he was out of ideas. Until a momentary lack of judgement let Eddie back into the match and he delivered his patented superkick on Doug to win via pinfall!


After the match, Doug being the ambassador he is, graciously shook Eddie’s hand after a hard fought battle, and left the ring to leave the spoils to his victor and still SEW Heavyweight Champion…….Eddie Ryan.

And that was that folks! A fantastic start to the year for South East Wrestling, and the Academy itself. Four of its pupils were on the card, and going forward, many more could be on future cards this year. The future certainly looks bright for SEW.

But what about Eddie Ryan? He’ll be certainly looking over his back now that the Super Turncoat Will Powers and Mr Wicked have him in their sights. And what about “The Original”? Surely he’ll be looking for retribution against his former friend and teacher Mr Wicked……I did say that this event has laid the foundation fo the coming year at South East Wrestling!

And with that, I will leave you. Over 3k words again for a show review. I’m shattered, and you must be too. I do hope you’ve enjoyed it, as I bloody loved being there to watch it and write it up for you all.

Feel free to send me compliments and or chocolate via the usual channels, you choose, I’ll gladly accept both!

Photo credit – Oli Sandler @TheRingsidePerspective



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