News! News! News!

Sorry for the amount of exclamation marks but there’s news to tell you all, and I’ve been dying to tell you for over two weeks. You don’t know how much I’ve wanted to say something. Up until a few hours ago only my wife knew, and now, you’ll find out too.

So on February 5th, training was held as usual. It was a great session as always, full of heart, commitment and desire. Lots of cardio, lots of in-ring drills, ready for when the time came to use what we had all learnt in the ring. Little did we know that the time was closer than we thought…..

As we were taking apart the ring and putting it all away, Head Coach Matt told us to not leave straight away afterwards as he had a bit of an announcement to make. That put the wind up students as we had no idea what was going on. Last time it happened was when he told us that Chris Masters was appearing at a show!


Buoyed by possible good news, we rushed around like lunatics to pack everything away and hear what Matt had to say. We all gathered around him in a semi-circle as he congratulated us all on a great session and first show of the new year (Light The Fuse, you can read my review here) and was extremely proud at how we were all pushing on and getting better and more competent in the ring (obviously not aimed at me, but that’s ok, I knew what he meant 😉 ).

Then came the bombshell……He had booked the smaller hall of the Hawkinge Community Centre (where we held last years Summer Spectacular which you can also read my review of right here!) for March 19th, and South East Wrestling would be running it’s first ever Academy show, where only the students would be on the card! No outside talent, no-one but students!

For those that follow British wrestling, promotions like PROGRESS and IPW:UK for example run academy shows of their own to showcase their future stars and at the same time give their students experience of in-ring competition. Matt would now be doing the same thing for us, letting the students run riot and take over the show (time for an obligatory nWo “We’re taking over!” photo)


Just a quick break in proceedings to shill some social media bits and bobs. I actually have a page on Facebook totally dedicated to this blog. It’s cunningly called “Diary Of A 30 Something Trainee Wrestler”, and you can find it at this link right here. I’d also like to plug mine and South East Wrestling social media too as I have your undivided attention.  Click the links, have a gander and if you’re feeling particularly nice, maybe gives us a like and a follow too 😉

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I’ll now hand you back over to your regularly scheduled reading material…..

The collective gasp from everyone kinda showed Matt his response. The gasp soon turned to quiet, and then loud chatter amongst ourselves. Who would face who? Any tag matches? Any stipulation matches? We as a group were out of control with fantasy booking within seconds!

Matt soon calmed us down and swore us all to secrecy. He didn’t want us to blab about it until it was closer to the time and he had a card in mind. So we all agreed and went back home. Within minutes we were all talking amongst ourselves over social media! It was too big a thing to not talk about. And yes, I know, I did tell my wife. But she’s my wife and I don’t keep secrets from her…..and also as soon as I walked in from training that day I was bursting and told her! 🙂 She was as giddy as I was when I told her my role.

Now I have a bit of a confession, I knew about the show slightly earlier than the rest of the class. You see Matt pulled me over earlier during the lesson and asked if I would be interested in a role that he thought, would be great for me. Straight away my ears pricked up and I was eager to know more. So he told me all about the show and I was marking out inside a little. I knew that I wouldn’t be a part of it as my in-ring career was over before it had even begun (damn you stupid ear!), but I was so happy for the rest of the guys.

Matt then proceeded to tell me that down the line I will be used as a manager for a wrestler but at the moment I’m not really needed that way. But my talking skills would be needed at the Academy show… the show’s MC. It seems that our usual MC Ant Masters would be unavailable for that show, and as I am pretty handy on the mic (look it’s my blog and I can big myself up if I want, so I will, so there!) he suggested that maybe I take over for the day, give the crowd the “Smart”Mark Blake patter.

I instantly agreed! I was super happy for the boys before I knew I was involved, I was positively beaming when Matt asked me to be the show’s MC! At last the world would see my character! They’ll get a glimpse of Mr Blake, enough to whet their appetite. And maybe, just maybe, by the end of this year they’ll see the whole act 😉

So two weeks have passed, and late last night (Sunday 19th Feb) Matt posted onto the Academy group page, the finalised card. Although as Uncle Vince likes to tell people, the card is subject to change.

So here, for the first time, is the entire South East Wrestling Academy Show card synopsis, along with promo picture. I, along with the rest of SEW, really hope you like…..


In a landmark event, the up and coming talent from the South East Wrestling Training Academy take centre stage on Saturday 19 March 2017 at Hawkinge Community Centre where you get to witness the future stars of British Wrestling do battle.

Fan favourite and roster regular, Conroy, leads his team of Jack Voltage and 1 Fan Dan to do battle against Will Power! and his dastardly teammates of Luke Vega and 2Tone in a 6 man tag.

In an eagerly anticipated bout, The Silverback and Ax Damage battle for supremacy in what will be one of the hardest hitting matches of the year.

The sinister and complex Meathead will meet home town hero Alex Aces for the first time in a SEW ring in what promises to be a high flying, adrenaline fuelled contest.

Chris Castle will take on Academy head coach Mr Wicked in an Admiral-Lord Mountevans rules match, Castle is training hard to take his coach and mentor to the limits but will Wicked’s experience be too much for the rookie to handle?

If this action wasn’t enough, there will be the first ever SEW Academy Over-the-Top Rope RUMBLE match featuring the finest talent in the academy. The winner will go on to secure a guaranteed spot on the card at the next South East Wrestling event on Saturday 22nd April.

Join us for this momentous event and witness the future of professional wrestling.

Seriously, how cool is that synopsis? If that mini hype promo didn’t get you hyped then your dead inside! How cool is that poster? I’m a sucker for an old school look to wrestling posters. Anyone remember the NXT:Takeover London poster? I adored that! It helped that I was there too but that’s another story for another time….

nxt london.jpg

And all you lucky readers have a one up over the paying public. You all know the talents. You’ve read about them for the last nine/ten months. It’s not only my journey you’ve read about but theirs too. Granted I have spoke about myself more than the others, but you know about them, you know their characters, you even know what they look like.

So I’m hoping, that those of you that read this and my blog and are close enough to attend the show on March 19th, please do. If the numbers that turn are strong and the show is good then maybe, just maybe, there could be another Academy show. Maybe we could be SEW’s answer to NXT, and our shows will be our version of the Takeover events to the main SEW show.

Please show up to scream and shout, boo and cheer, show your appreciation to the boys that absolutely adore training and will show you how much when they perform for you.

British wrestling is having a major renaissance at the moment. The eyes of the world are on pretty much every promotion in the country looking for the next big Brit star. Be there in attendance when us students make our debuts, and you never know. You could be saying to others “Yeah I was there at his pro wrestling debut. You could see what a talent he was even then”……

Over the next four weeks, I will be blogging every single week in the run up to the show. Giving you all little tidbits about whats happening, how the match up’s are looking, etc. Just a little inside look before the show itself. And for those long time readers, this one is for you……I’ll call those blogs “Peeking Behind The Curtain!” Told you I’ll find a use for that phrase!

Anyway, that’s enough for me right now. I’m still suit shopping. While others are looking for tights and lucha masks, I’m deciding whether to go for a lovely silver suit, or a rather extravagant pink suit with matching shirt. C’mon…..I need to make an impression! 😉
TTFN Folks!

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