A Peek Behind The Curtain -Four Weeks To Hustle & Heart

Hidey Ho True Believers! And welcome to the first edition of APBTC, or if you’re old fashioned, A Peek Behind The Curtain (I do cater for the elder reader too you know 😉 )

As the title leads you to believe, it is just four weeks until the future stars of the British Wrestling Scene of the South East Wrestling Academy make their professional debut. Four short weeks that will fly by like a click of your fingers. I can’t talk for the other students, but even though it’s a month away, I’m shitting not just a brick but a full on house!!! More about that later on in the blog. Now I wrote this pretty much as soon as I got back from this very session I’m talking about, hence why I talk about Hustle & Heart being four weeks away. At the time of posting, the event is three weeks and two days away, but sod writing that more than once, so I’ll stick to the four weeks 😆  Now enough faffing, here it is!….

Four Weeks To Go

So it’s Sunday, training day! My turn in the Ashford Posse Drive Pool (think that name might need changing, send me your suggestions…..please!) to drive myself and the Two Dan’s to training. Does sound like a crappy UK sit-com, but it’s not. Although I may pitch the idea to GOLD (a UK tv channel that deals with usually crappy UK sit-coms) in the near future.

Anyway, after jotting down a brief outline for my possible new sitcom, I was off to pick them up. Luckily they live pretty close to each other so it was a simple case of getting them and off to Hawkinge for another morning of wrestling fun and hijinks. As usual our conversation was about wrestling, but today was different, today it was about the upcoming Hustle & Heart show. What ring gear to get, how the matches were going to be laid out, how the Battle Royale will play out…..Yes the event is four weeks away, but we were already busting with excitement, imagine what we’d be like come the day of the event?!?!

The night before, Head Coach Matt posted in the group chat that today’s lesson would be called “Getting Yourself Over”, and asked us all what he meant. We all went with the obvious answer which was getting the crowd behind you (although there were some other answers that can’t be printed 😉 ) What exactly did he mean? We’d all find out in a few short moments.

Pulling up at the Hawking Community Centre, we decided to stay in the car and wait for somebody to open the side doors to the hall as it was absolutely teaming down with rain, and the big strong hard men we are, we didn’t want to get wet. Eventually Steven opened the side doors and we went rushing in to set the ring up ASAP. It was also great to see that a new face that started last week, had returned for her second week. Amber (not to be confused with Ember as I kept calling her, I watch way too much NXT) had taken to bumping and rolling like a duck to water last week, impressing everybody and making me feel instantly inadequate with how good she was after one lesson! 🙂

The ring was set up in record time today, as we were all waiting to see what the lesson name meant. Matt teased us some more by insisting that we all warm up and do our strength & conditioning and cardio work before he revealed all. So without hesitation, that’s what we did. Warm up flew by, strength & conditioning the same, cardio unfortunately didn’t. More circuit training this week with 10 different stations with 10 different activities ranging from sit ups, diamond push ups, squats, you know the drill. I paired up with Jack Voltage (Jacob) and he helped this middle aged dude get through it, so Jay thank you again amigo.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Finally cardio was finished, the ring ropes were tightened, and as a group we were ready for today’s lesson. Again Matt asked what we though “Getting Yourself Over” Meant and again we all gave him our theories……and we were all wrong!

Getting yourself over? He kinda missed a few words from that quote. Those words? …..The top rope! Yup, we were being taught how to get eliminated from an over the top rope Battle Royale the right way and more importantly, safely. There was a buzz in the room instantly, especially from SEW’s very own daredevil MeatHead, who likes to fly around the ring and occasionally over the tope rope (SEW’s last event Light The Fuse being a prime example!)


We were going to be taught three different ways of exiting via the top rope. The first way would be the clothesline over the top rope, which sounds simple but from an observers point of view (and by that I mean moi, do I really need to explain again why?) looks incredibly difficult mentally and physically. As the person going over the top rope you have to jump up and back on yourself just as the clothesline makes contact which sounds simple, but tie into it the fact that your going over the top rope and touching terra firma lower than where you began, and it messes with your head. For once I was glad I was taking pics/videos and not in the ring as I knew I’d be a blubbering mess if I was in there. I give full props to each and everyone one of the guys and gals in that ring as they all stepped up their game.

Now unfortunately, I don’t have any pics to actually show the students performing the move, I was too busy filming them, and like most men I can’t do two things at once. I’m beyond pissed that I couldn’t get some snaps as the spots they were all taking were super impressive, and would have shown a lot more than what my description could ever do. I need an apprentice to help me at training sessions……I feel another TV show coming on. So I’ve linked a YouTube video that shows the general gist of muddled up words.


All the guys and gals did the spot twice and had a quick chat with Matt to make sure they understood the spot before they moved on to the next part…..something I like to call the Up and Over.

Now for this spot, the person exiting the ring would run at their opponent that was stood in the opposite corner. As he or she got to their opponent, they would jump up and the opponent would basically throw them over the top rope using their shoulder , kinda like shrugging them off (not a euphemism) with a lift. Now for this I do have pics as I think I’ve made a hash of that description. So I’ll let the pictures tell the story, or description in this case…..

Here’s Amber after she’s been whipped into the corner by MeatHead, who is now running at her….

KODAK Digital Still Camera
After a jump up from MeatHead, Amber has used her shoulder and arm to lift and throw him into the air and hopefully, over the top rope…..

KODAK Digital Still Camera

As you can see, MeatHead has safely landed on the apron after being thrown over the top rope. As this was a practice for an Over The Top Rope Battle Royale, it can’t end there. Amber swiftly delivered a forearm to the side of him to knock him off the apron and eliminate him from the bout (something I didn’t catch on camera, I need that apprentice quick smart).

Again all the students took part in the routine and again they all did great on practising something they had only seen for themselves a few moments ago. I know I’m biased but we are very quick to learn new skills and abilities. And yes I include myself in this statement. I may not be able to train fully with the group but we are all one family pushing each other into making each other better every week. Whether I’m shouting encouragement in the cardio (usually a lot of cuss words mind) or showing my appreciation to others in spots and routines, I’m doing my part.

Just a quick break in proceedings to shill some social media bits and bobs. I actually have a page on Facebook totally dedicated to this blog. It’s cunningly called “Diary Of A 30 Something Trainee Wrestler”, and you can find it at this link right here. I’d also like to plug mine and South East Wrestling social media too as I have your undivided attention.  Click the links, have a gander and if you’re feeling particularly nice, maybe gives us a like and a follow too 😉

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I’ll now hand you back over to your regularly scheduled reading material…..

After the Up and Over, it was time for the third and final manoeuver of the lesson, a simple Throw Over The Top Rope. I say simple but there’s a lot of separate components to this and again it’s a case of mind over matter.

With this move, you are quite simply led by the your head over the top rope. As you go over, your right hand grabs hold of the apron to steady you and to use as a pivot to land on the floor safely. Again, a visual aid comes in handy here so I’ve linked another YouTube video. This time it’s of Ricardo Rodriguez doing the honours via R Truth. And yes I used this video as it has the world’s longest aeroplane spin, I’m a sucker for an old school move. You don’t have to watch past Ricardo’s elimination if you don’t want to. I did as I miss Daniel Bryan in the ring 😭



Matt lead the way by releasing some stress and threw each and every student over the top rope. I was on the outside filming again, and I’m sure I saw a smile creep across his face with every elimination.

So with that final spot now taught, Matt mixed it up for the last 30 minutes of the lesson and used a combination of the clothesline and over the top rope eliminations, in a two minute rush. The students came into the ring one at a time and practised either elimination, all at a break neck speed. I gotta admit, it was really cool seeing this happen right in front of my eyes. Watching the heel side of Matt (Mr Wicked) was great as it’s not often we see that from him….well unless certain students aren’t actually listening to his instructions 😉

I was also very tempted to take the throw over the top rope myself, but thought better of it. Maybe this week I’ll change my mind, I’m sure Matt has wanted to throw me out of his ring on more than one occasion….

As soon as my thought entered and left my pretty little head, it was time to pack up the ring and trek back home, another lesson done and only three weeks until Hustle & Heart. After saying our goodbyes we were back on the road heading home and once again the Academy show was the topic of conversation. This time I added from a non wrestlers point of view.

Whereas Dan C (The Original) has had a few professional matches now and is kinda used to the expectation, myself and Dan H (One Fan Dan) hadn’t actually been in front of a live crowd. Now Dan H, I’m saying this now, will be over with the crowd within two minutes of entering the ring. His gimmick is great and as a face, it’s perfect for a debuting wrestler. But myself? I’m the first person that the 100+ crowd are going to see. I have to convey to the crowd the new debuting talent, while being one myself. Admittedly I’m putting this pressure on myself, not from SEW management, and usually I thrive on it, but I’m genuinely concerned.

The two Dan’s (I’m digging the sit-com pilot) both brought me back to reality by saying that I’ll be fine. I used to talk for a living and could sell ice to Eskimos, I’ll be fine. Just take a few moments when I enter the ring, breathe and start selling the show.

And you know what? They’re right. I hate it when Dan C is right as he lords it over me for a while, but yes he and One Fan are right. I’ll be fine in my new “smart” suit, selling myself and the future stars of SEW. Hell, I’ve been doing it on here for nearly a year now, saying it out loud will be easy. I need to stop being an over-thinking idiot (now I’m sure Doug Williams called me something like that last year), suck it up, and just do it.

And that’s what I and the rest of the Academy will do on March 19th, Hustle & Heart, at the Hawkinge Community Centre. I guaren-damn-tee you all, that by the end of the show, you’ll know all of us, and will want to see us all back in action ASAP….

So there we have it. The first Peek Behind The Curtain is now in the books, or on the web if you want to be pedantic. Next week the lesson will be more match centric. Everyone will be involved in dummy matches, ready for show day. To practice spots and routines, get things nailed down. The last thing we want to do is mess up in front a sold out house…..Oh yeah! I forgot to say! The event has sold out with just over two weeks to go!


I can’t thank the fans enough for believing in us, and we will repay them with an outstanding show, I promise.

TTFN folks!


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